Gmail with added features for iOS


Gmail for iOS based gadgets has always been lacking with features since its initial launch. This is the reason it could not content to the ultimate and best app but today Google has taken another step towards that target. The new update will allow navigation between conversations and syncing multiple emails.


Users can now switch between two conversation-one on the right and other on the left- without returning to the inbox. It may only save a few seconds, but the convenience is immense! So those who are not users will get another reason to switch to it. Another feature is the edit mode that allows operation in between different mails on the inbox at the same time. Handling the inbox will now become a child’s play.

Other features

There are other features also that will enhance the performance and fix bugs better.

Even though this update is nothing particularly prominent but with the two features of performance enhancement and bug fixes it is surely a milestone in the Gmail for iOS history.

The Gmail for iOS is a free version and can be downloaded free of cost. You can visit iTunes App Store to check out the update.

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