Google’s attempt to help people find best daily deals


Google has bought Dealmap, with which Google wants people to have access to the best daily deals within no time through their gadgets. Basically, Dealmap is a 15-month old startup which operates by compiling discounts offers from various local merchants who are scattered in markets across the globe. Right since the latter half of 2009, Google has spent over $2.7 fortune so as to acquire more and more companies and it has bought more than 70 companies already.

Google covering every region across the globe

Currently, Google is expanding its database of merchants and is adding Dealmap to its arsenal. Google plans to add more cities, while its version called Offers is limited t Oregon, New York, San Francisco Bay and Portland.

Rivals in the Market

At present, Groupon which is based in Chicago is acquiring an initial public offering of stock and it is expected to be completed in the month of September or October. Groupon is working level hard to generate more than $2 billion annual revenue. According to the sources, Dealmap has currently a database that lists deals from more than 450 sources scattered all over the world. They have confirmed to have 2 million users.

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