Google Hits Chrome for Windows and Mac, Desktop Users to Receive Notifications


Google Now DesktopLast February Google shot into the news affecting the Chrome Beta users, now the entire Chrome (on Windows and Mac) cult will be enjoying Google on its desktop. The next few weeks will see more of it.

Google for Chrome Desktop

With this strike Google, will open Pandora’s Box of features. Google will now allow notifications on the desktop syncing in Google Now feature with the mobile devices. To enjoy this feature you need not update any software; you will have to just ensure that your use or android is logged in to your Chrome account.

Google Now Cards

Google Now cards are featured with items like scores, traffic, weather, event reminders and much more that will be regularly notified on your Chrome browser. Apart from this once you have activated the app in your gadget you will get mobile location checks even when your Chrome is not running. Bored of the constant notification from Google Now? Just turn it off from your taskbar and get rid of it.

This synchronization between Google and Chrome implies that Google intends to gel in the mobile and desktop platforms more.

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