Google Maps to be launched in the Form of An app


Apropos to the noted Journal named Wall Street Journal, Google plans to launch the Google Maps iOSApp. After apple developed their own mapping system and denied Google Maps to be part of mapping for iOS6, Google kept on looking for which distributor to launch.

A long wait for Apple Maps

We had a wait for a while since it was speculated that, with the failure of Apple maps, it would be taken over by Google. However, it was rather a strategy to attract an increasing number of consumers to the Android. There was another aspect that they wanted to prove- when it comes to software gadgets, Google is better than Apple.

Problems in Apple maps

Problems arose in Apple Maps soon after it was launched. There were bugs, and often-incorrect data were given. Additionally weird images also were shown on the name of 3D. The matter got so severe that the present Apple CEO had to write a formal apology and assurance of an alternative.

Nokia too has launched its mapping app called the Nokia Here on the web and soon it will be available on the Androids. However, integration of Android is still a speculation.

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