Google+ Native App now Available for iPhone


Finally, iPhone users can access Google+ right through their iPhone gadgets. After a long wait of 3 weeks Google+ has released a native app for iOS platform. When Google+ was launched initially it was not available for iPhone users because of incompatibility of this app with iOS platform. But it had been revealed that the Google is planning to optimize it with iOS version soon.

Free Download Available

The latest app is available free to download if you are a user of Apple’s iPhone. It has joined the league of Google+ for Android app that lets the users to get in touch with the happenings going on at Google+ without having a browser. But the app is still invitation only and the company is representing it as the “Field Trial”.

User Interface

This new application has a user interface akin to Facebook app for iOS. It features a home screen equipped with different distinct features that are well organized and can be easily operated with fingers. Highlighted features include New Streams and Circle – the Contact Manger and Huddle – For group message texting. User interface differs a bit from the general mobile web optimized version of Google+.


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  1. Akash Malik says:

    Google+ seems like a clone of Facebook, is it true?

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    • Alok Saharia says:

      Google+ is a rival for Facebook. I think just in the way Facebook dominated Orkut in past, Google+ may dominate Facebook in coming future. And the stats are also indicating the same.

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