Google Releases Chrome Browser 64-Bit Version for Enhanced Security and Performance


Chrome Browser 64-BitNow the Google Chrome users are going to have a more powerful surfing experience with the availability of 64-bit version Chrome Web Browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8. As the latest computers are powered by the powerful processors so the 64-Bit version will show the better speed and 25% gain in the performance discussed Google in a blog post.

Chrome 64-Bit Version for Windows

Not only the operating system and hardware are synced to perform better in the 64-bit environment but the latest apps in the gadgets are also based on the 64-bit versions. Earlier Google Chrome browser was lagging due to lack of 64-bit version support but now under the experimental conditions the first 64-bit version is releasing for Windows. However, it is not clear when the 64-bit version will be available for the Mac.

Enhanced Security Features

Chrome Browser 64-Bit version will have a better security features too as the extra bits will be protecting the computer from the JIT Spraying and other exploitation techniques. The heap partitioning feature will become more effective in the 64-bit and the High Entropy ASLR like inbuilt security features will also be benefitted. The significant data of the programs will be put in the various parts of the computer memory so that the attackers will not be able to find it in Windows 8.

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