Google revising Chrome for Apple’s Lion OS


To support Mac’s two- fingered swipe of Lion which is a default motion of the OS X, Google has updated Chrome. The new Chrome will fully mimic this default page swiping gesture of the Mac book gadget which has been shipped by Apple recently.

Recent Modifications

Google offers different versions of Chrome- beta, dev or stable- for the users to run it according to their needs. With new modifications Chrome’ dev will now support Safari 5.1 browser of Lion very well than before. There are other modifications done to Chrome to make it more suitable for Apple’s Lion OS X like the scrollbars of Chrome meet the company’s guidelines and appear only when in use.

Compatibility with Lion OS X

Yet the developers of Google have not reached to the conclusion whether to support full screen mode of Lion OS X. they have confiscated the button triggering full screen from the upper right spot of the app window in order to avoid user confusion. The button also does not appear in the Chrome’s dev.

Users can get the present copies of Chrome’s dev built with their Mac books now or can easily download it from the website of the developers, Google.

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