10 Hottest Games For HTC Touch Mobile


Need for Speed Undercover

Are you looking for some new, hot games for your HTC Touch mobile phone or smartphone? Well, look no further, because we have compiled 10 of the hottest and most happening HTC Touch games right here, just for you! What is more, we even have a video review of one of them, so that you can actually get a visual feel of the game. Check out our list below and choose the games that most appeal to you.

1. Tomb Raider V
The Tomb Raider V is one hell of an addictive game. There is a general feeling that Apple products are unbeatable mobile gaming-wise. Well, check out the video of the Tomb Raider Game V on both the HTC HD2 and iPod Touch and decide for yourself.

2. EA games for the HTC Touch HD
The HTC Touch HD comes really close to giving a game console feel. There is now a recent collaboration between HTC and EA, that has thrown up some wonderful games, created keeping the 3.8” HD display in mind. Need for Speed Undercover is the winner right now, with Monopoly Here & Now, soon to follow the lineup.

3. Pinball Evolution Smartphone Edition – Version 1.0
This smartphone edition of Pinball Evolution is truly amazing, what with smoother and faster tables than you ever imagined! This version is compatible with many HTC Touch models.

4. Caver, the latest accelerometer game for HTC Touch Diamond
This amazing accelerometer game, which is a maze navigation game, is played by tilting and twisting the HTC Touch Diamond. This game is still in its beta stage, but is definitely worth more than just one look.

5. Resco Bubbles
One tremendous favourite is still the Resco Bubbles accelerometer game. Actually a simple concept, this one requires the player to tilt his phone in ways that he can bust all the bubbles with the metal ball available on the screen. There are 60 levels to cross and different surfaces to deal with, so it makes it interesting and totally addictive.

6. Marble Worlds 2
Yet another accelerometer game, where the player guides the ball through stunning mazes and puzzles. This one comes with 100 play areas and 5 different themed worlds.

7. Super Sid
Here is one more accelerometer game for you guys. Coming from the developers of Marble Worlds, this one is based on the PacMan concept. Your robot, Sid, has to clean all the toxic waste, while also eluding security robots chasing him. The game presents 16 amazing stages, that will keep you hooked to it!

8. Jigsaw v1.0
This game, developed by Vitask Software, hones your organizing skills, by putting before you several parts of an image that you have to piece together. It is customizable, so you can choose the kind of game you want.

9. Boing
A tilt sensor/accelerometer game for WinMo devices, it requires the player tilt to move and bounce the ball from platform to platform, and thereby cross its several stages.

10. Pocket Slider v2.50
A Slider puzzle for your handheld, you can select a picture from your phone and also shake the device to scramble the picture, in case your phone has an accelerometer. The current version, v2.50, supports limited screen resolutions, but promises to improve itself in the subsequent releases.


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