‘iMessage’ – Free unlimited messaging between iOS 5 devices


Wireless telecom industries are really worried with Apple’s iMessage. ‘iMessage’ will be released this week and will allow iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners to send unlimited messages for free.

Problem for Telecom Operators

The major corporations in the telecom industry are worried that making money of messages will soon be diluted. This free unlimited messaging will be possible in iOS 5 devices only i.e. only iOS 5 devices can send messages and only iOS 5 gadgets can receive them. Apple which has always known to revolutionize the technology will take another major step this time with the absence of Steve Jobs.

The text messaging makes about $20 billion. Now companies like Verizon, which makes $7 billion from text messaging alone every year, will face challenges.

RIM Messenger’s Effect

Research in Motion’s (RIM) messenger for Blackberry phones is also similar to Apple’s iMessage. RIM’s success in creating a messenger for Smartphone probably led to Apple’s creation. Since blackberry owners are hesitant to move to other phones due to this service, Apple has come up with a similar option as well to help make these conversions.

It is remained to be seen how successful Apple’s messaging service is. If however the iMessage does become popular then all text messages in future could in fact be free.

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  1. Billy says:

    Hi does iMessage include picture messaging? Can’t seem to find out if these are free to send as well. Answers would be great. Thanks.

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  2. Gig they're says:

    No they do not include picture messaging it is only texts

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  3. frodie says:

    AT&T is charging us for iMessages for the past 2 months since we activated the iPhones. We have 3G data plan & WiFi at home so we have data service. We texted to friends who are also on iPhones and the text windows came up as Blue with ‘iMessage’ appearing in the textbox. It is an iMessage but AT&T charged us 20 cents per txt. We have confirmed this and Apple will not acknowledged the problem. If iMessage is truly using the data network, AT&T should not detect it as a text.

    iMessage is not free. You should test yourself and check your carrier bill the next day.

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