Instagram added New Photo Tagging Feature via ‘Photos of You’


On Thursday Instagram has added a new feature that will allow tagging for pictures and brands. It is akin to a hash tag via which you may add friends tag or business tags for the users.

“Photos of you” Feature

If you take a look at the blog post, you will notice that this feature has been installed so that the takes behind your pictures may he depicted easily! The hash tags depict “what” and the photo Map depicts “where”, this feature will answer “who”.

Photos of you- different from the Facebook Features

Whereas on Facebook tags can be allowed by anybody, on Instagram only the owner can add a tag. So this way, you have total control over your pictures. The feature also depicts the username instead of the full name of the user.

If you want this feature, you will have to download an update available at Google Play and App store on your gadgets. You will notice a section named “Photos of you” and the settings when you are going live can be customized also. You have time till May 16 to get used to it before it appears before your friends.

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