Instagram Arrives to Windows Phone Without Photo Taking Feature


InstagramInstagram is now being sold by store selling Windows Phone apps. This means, it is now available for people using Windows Phone. It has been three years wait for this gadgets community. However, the news has not brought much cheer. This is because Windows Phone users can’t access Instagram’s coveted features such as video and camera recording.

For Windows Phone Users

Conventionally, people use Instagram for social networking, and are able to click pictures instantly, which can be accessed and forwarded. Windows phone users, however, can only open any of those photos that have been uploaded into Instagram, and not use the application for clicking.

Beta Version

It is a frustrating experience, considering the popularity of this application on social websites, and its unavailability to Windows Phone users. Nevertheless, Instagram insists that the present version is only a beta version, i.e.; it is being tested. Does that mean the final version for Windows Phone will have those features? It remains to be seen because there are no clarifications to that effect.

Windows Phone users do find themselves on the wrong foot with this popular tool. However, it is unlikely that Instagram will deny users the facilities it offers other gadgets owners. It is only a matter of time before Windows Phone users can also click and upload their photos and videos on their social network.

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