Instagram Doles out Update for iPhone 5, iOS 6


It did not take much time for Instagram to release an update to its iPhone app as soon as Apple released its next-generation iPhone 5 with the new iOS 6 operating system. On Tuesday, the Instagram version 3.1.0 was released to all iOS users and is specifically modified for the iPhone 5. Therefore, what this means is that the app is now a bit more stretched out to fit the new 4-inch screen size of the iPhone 5 gadget.

So what is different?

Although a noted difference on the iPhone 5 from the previous version of the app was that, unlike the predecessor, the user cannot choose a filter before taking a photo. You have to apply a desired filter after you have taken the snap. While, on the iPhone 4S, the update works in a similar fashion as its previous version.

Anything retained

The new update also has a new, improved password recovery system, the registration has been redesigned, and then there are some usual bug fixes. The “photo map” features and the improved speed and responsiveness of the app from the previous version have been retained, while the photo upload screen now has a larger text box for writing captions.

You can download the new update for Instagram free of cost on the Apple iTunes App Store.

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