Internet explorer 10 now available for Windows 7


Last year in the month of October we heard the news of the Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 10 and next November we saw the preview. But the launch is not that grand, rather Microsoft set out the version, and it is available for users today.

More about IE 10

Now the users running their gadgets on Windows 7 can use the Internet Explorer 10. This latest version of Windows Explorer will be running on both 32 bit as well as 64 bit encryption. So, before getting deep into the browser you can install the Service Pack 1 as it is the basic version. If you already have a Windows 7 operating system, then you should not need to worry about the auto-update that will be coming in the upcoming weeks.

Laptop users to benefit

Laptop and other gadget users of the same type will benefit immensely from this web browser. It will have advanced features of JavaScript with an added battery life. There will be auto correct features like spell check and grammar check. Surely the transition from 9 to 10 will be notable.

But from the aspect of looks there will be no change in it. IE 10 users will be the best reaper of this browser system.

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