iTunes Delayed and Expected to Come in November End


Most of the music lovers are waiting for the iTunes 11 to arrive, as the last day of October is also passed. Apple has promised the launching of iTunes in October, but it seems the dates are pushed forward to the late November.

What does Apple Spokesman say?

Tom Neumayr said that launching of new iTunes would take some further time as we need some time for making the iTunes interface cleaner and simpler with the integration of iCloud. Therefore, it is expected that the new iTune version will be launched by November end.

Apple is gaining more time to maintain the quality of iTunes, as they do not want it to be turned as a big catastrophe like the Apple Maps. Earlier Apple Maps was a futile endeavor as it failed to locate geography and faced problems during navigation.

What is expected from iTunes 11?

New iTunes 11 will certainly be a fresh version with the inclusion of iCloud integration and “up next” feature for loading the songs. The searches would be redefined for the song/album/artists searches with the new navigation features and album covers showing songs in the iTunes store.

It is clear that Apple is taking time for making iTunes 11 flawless and faster for the gadgets as compared to its earlier versions.

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