Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released


The day that so many people have been waiting for has arrived. Mac OS X Mountain Lion is now available for purchase and download from the App Store effective from today at a price of just $19.99. With this being said and done, you are looking at one of the cheapest upgrades yet. The download of this update will be around 4.34GB which means that you would need a rather good connection to get this done.

Like any major updates, this one comes with a lot of good things as well. First of all, AirPlay Mirroring is now made available on this operating system. Initially it was just the iPad that got this feature but Apple had decided to expand to its Mac OS as well. In addition to that, there is now a sharing button, notification center, messages and a few other great apps that make this operating system an even more versatile one. In fact, Apple had added more than 200 improvements to this major update as well.

At a price of only $19.99, we find that this update a must-have for any Mac users especially with those that have the money and the computer to do so. However, you would definitely need a good internet connection to get this done as well.

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