Meego and Limo to merge into an operating system, Tizen


Linux foundation and Limo Foundation are planning to merge MeeGo and Limo into a new operating system called Tizen.

What is Tizen

Basically the new operating system is designed especially for the smart TV’s, netbooks, smartphones, tablets. According to the sources, the Linux foundation is planning to release the operating system in the first quarter of 2012. While most of the operating systems today focus on running applications completely on the phone, the OS is designed to develop browser-based applications.

Tizen Features

Tizen has support of HTML5 along with Wholesale Applications Community web development environment (WAC). In an interview with Sousou, he said over the next couple of months Intel will be working hard so as to make it easy for the users who are using MeeGo to switch over to Tizen easily. Though it was in the month of February that Nokia decided to choose Windows Phone over Meebo, Tizen has the support of Samsung gadgets as it is clear that both Intel and Samsung are going to lead the steering team of Tizen. Despite the fact that big projects like Meego and Limo have not succeeded to make their mark, but Tizen seems a bit promising.

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