Microsoft Announces Personal Version of its Office 365 Suite


Office 365 SuiteThis spring gadgets world can expect a new product from Microsoft. The company now intends to launch Office 365 Suite Personal, which is smaller and affordable version of Microsoft Office 365. The company intends to offer it for just one $6.99 per month, but it will be, as the name suggests for personal usage, and, therefore, available for only one personal computer and a tablet.

Discount for the entire year

Microsoft wants to make it even cheaper by offering it for $69.99 for an entire year, instead of nearly $84. The company has already launched a similar product for home, which is offered for $9.99 per month.

Microsoft Office 365 Suite

This is one of the most comprehensive packages from the company. Since many people are accustomed to use this at their offices, it is easier for them to slip into the home and personal versions. Offices need comprehensive versions, whereas people do not use all features at their home. Therefore, some of the features are trimmed as per requirements.

Though resellers and retailers will have the final say, this is surely the way to go about preventing theft of intellectual property. The product is expected to arrive this spring, i.e., before the end of May 2014. It remains to be seen which of the office 365 features are present and absent in this product from Microsoft.

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