Microsoft Announces Video Calling between Lync and Skype


Skype and LyncGadgets world is in for seamless video interactions between Skype and Microsoft’s Lync applications. For those who do not know what these two software applications are, they are telecommunication systems facilitating easy and affordable text, visual, and audio communication. However, for a long time, people were not able to send such communications across the platforms.

Lync 2013

In 2013, Microsoft improved Lync and enabled it to send messages as well as audio communication to Skype in a manner that was compatible with that software. Likewise, it developed subroutines to decipher the messages and audio communications received in it from Skype. This was certainly a desirable feature as both platforms have their pluses and minuses.

Video Communication

The latest version of Lync facilitates video communication across the two platforms. However, it is not completely seamless as yet. The communication is confined to users using Windows compatible Skype on their desktop communicating with people using Windows, iOS, or Android compatible link on other devices. Microsoft’s spokesperson agreed that the new development combines best of both Skype and Lync.

The development is certainly good for Microsoft as well as Skype. More people are familiar with Skype, which may have some control, security, and compliance concerns, which are now addressed through Lync.

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