Microsoft Avoids Lucky Nine and Jumps to Windows 10


Windows 10Impending arrival of Windows 10 is official now. It came from the horse’s mouth, i.e., Microsoft, so it certainly is not a rumor doing rounds in gadgets world. The company announced its plans to launch the latest operating system at a press conference. The previous OS launch from Microsoft was its Windows 8. Surprisingly, the next OS from the company is not numbered as Windows 9 but Windows 10.

What to Expect from Windows 10?

Market expects Windows 10 to address many of the problems faced with Windows 8. It may be recalled that Windows 8 was developed with versions that would be suitable for contemporary touch screen gadgets. However, it could not offer as seamless environment as other operating systems in the market.  According to the Vice President of Microsoft, Windows 10 is custom-made for different types of devices covering most of the gadgets available in the market as of now. This means people would be able to use it on their 4 inch smartphones as well as 80 inch television monitors.

Will it be Touch or Keyboard and Mouse Once Again?

It will be having a bit of both actually. In fact, Microsoft has tried to give the experience of Windows 7, its most famous version on touchscreen. It remains to be seen how market accepts it. There are modifications such as those related to the command prompt in which the user can use the control v for pasting the content on to command. Interesting indeed!

The product is expected to be in the market sometime in 2015 and as of now it is on trial. Not much can be said about it as of now, but the command prompt related feature does seem to be interesting.

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