Microsoft confirms one update in every 3 months for Office 365


Kurt Delbene, the president at Office 365 division of Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft Office 365 will get an update every three months. He has stated that they have the technology already and mechanism that will offer the updating service. This comes as welcome news for users and surely will attract prospective users.

‘Major-Minor Cadence’

Delbene has stated that the update will come as ‘Major-minor cadence’. Some updates will come after the short cycles when features will be added were as the long cycle will be followed by intensified pinning changes.

From the analysts

Analysts are of the view that updates will be just like any other update. Gartner analyst has specified that there will be an update at each section of office in intervals. Consumers are always demanding updates and newer options in their operating systems.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has taken this decision to improve the users comfort. When these updates strike the gadgets like tabs, smartphones and computers they will be becoming quicker and appealing to consumers.

With time, Microsoft Office has reached a certain degree of maturity; let’s see how the updates can age it further!

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