Microsoft Finally Announces Windows 8 Release


Microsoft has finally made it official that its new operating system will be released worldwide by the end of October later this year. Brendon LeBlanc said at the software major’s World Partner Conference held at Toronto that Release to Manufacturing to OEMs will be done in the first week of next month.

Windows 8 Saga

According to Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer, the launch of Windows 8 is ‘simply the biggest deal’ for the company in at least 17 years after the launch of Windows 95 in 1995. The catch here is the same OS appearing in multiple platforms including smartphones and tablets integrating the UI experience across gadgets. Moreover, Microsoft’s own Surface slates will make a mark.

The Shrinking World

When Microsoft’s software runs on touch based or stylus based smartphones and tablets, desktops and laptops; synchronizing across multiple gadgets becomes so darned easy. This concept will make Google and Apple feel challenged on their supremacy in the computing world. Moreover, here SkyDrive the cloud computing service offered by Microsoft will come handy. As you know, cloud services allow you to use softwares from online services instead of installing and using it natively. When October comes, things will get clearer.

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