Microsoft Lowers Down Windows 8 Requirement Hinting for 7-inch Tablet


Microsoft is planning to lower down the minimum resolution of the Windows 8 based gadgets. Latest news is buzzing around with the requirement of updated hardware for the windows 8- there might be another gadget in the pipeline!

Windows 8 is compatible with lower pixel densities now. However, Microsoft has said that it does not mean that they are promoting their users to work on the lower screen resolution.

The rumor

This is rather odd- While Microsoft has by now supported 1024*768p, which requires a screen of 1366*768 (suited for tablets), the new update is going to allow smaller tablets to be compatible with it. It seems like that the smaller tabs from Google, Apple and Amazon will be threatened by a new device.

The 7-8 inch tab group

This 7-8 inch tab body is pretty popular now and it is but logical to imaging such a step being taken by Microsoft. In the present scenario where the Surface pro and the Surface RT haven’t gained much momentum all we could think about is the emergence of a new smaller tab with windows 8.

If the correct prices are quoted may be we would see this OS on other androids.

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