Microsoft offers increased SkyDrive storage per annual plans


The use of cloud storage has certainly increased drastically. One of the few companies that pioneered this was DropBox but its competitor, the Microsoft SkyDrive definitely has the advantage when it comes to hardware and capitals. That is why the company managed to offer 25GB free with every registration of a Live account.

However, those that are thinking of upgrading their SkyDrive storage can definitely do so from now on. This is because Microsoft has created a few upgrade plans which are supposed to be paid annually. In fact, we find that these plans can be considered some of the cheapest in the market. There are currently three upgrade plans available for the users and these are in the form of 20GB, 50GB and 100GB add-ons to the already present 25GB. The prices for these are $10, $25 and $50/year respectively. For a comparison, DropBox charges $99/year for 50GB worth of storage.

However, this is yet to be released as there is only leaked information about this. For those that uses SkyDrive a lot (especially those Windows Phone users), these upgrade packages are definitely a blessing. We just hope that there will soon be integration much like how DropBox merge itself so well with Windows.

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