Microsoft Revealed Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers Today


Windows Phone 8.1Microsoft promised in its Build conference about the Windows phone 8.1, and it has arrived too. This is not the final build, but the developer’s preview. However, it is not only for the developers as all the users can be able to use this. Sign up free for a new Microsoft account and get it started.

How to Get the Update?

IT is better to download the Windows Phone 8.1 before your carrier will start distributing it after putting some fees. The easy way is to use MS credentials and get signed into Windows Phone App Studio Web Page. This lets the user start a new project, but it is not essential to build anything. Choose Companion Windows Phone App and start looking for the update. The update can be found in software update criteria. Use any Windows 8 phone.

What to Expect?

Once updates, do not expect to go back to Windows 8. Cortana is available only to US devices. So to make use of this update converts the gadgets to US region. Other updates are available for users worldwide. UK and China are to receive support from after the first half of the year. Other countries get support from 2015.

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