Microsoft Windows Blue: Preview Next Month, Launch by the End of This Year


It is the official news that Microsoft is releasing the preview of Microsoft Windows Blue next month as we got informed from our resources at Wired Business Conference. This will be a major update coming to Windows 8 after a long time (that will come sometime by the end of this year), and the feedback of adopters will be valued in creating the updated OS “Bold Vision”, and this has been confirmed by Microsoft.

Words of Chief Marketing Officer

The chief marketing Officer at Microsoft Blog- Tami Teller- said that innovations will be added to the Windows 8 in terms of OS, Display, Size, Hardware as well as the battery life. This is supposed to give the buyers more on their investment and improve their experience with the gadget.

What we heard before

We have already heard of the Windows Blue update via rumors sometime in March with sneak peaks at the images showing what might be the possibly next Windows 8. Now we know for sure that Microsoft will improve the size of the tiles, place a start screen, and add more customizing features.

We also hear that a Windows RT version is already on the process of grooming!

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