Mountain Lion – the Latest Mac OS X Now Released


The latest desktop version of the Mac OS X, called the Mountain Lion, will be available from the Mac App Store for download. The size of the download is 4 GB and cost $19.99. Those who bought the OS after June 11 can get the upgrade free. Mac gadgets brought henceforth would be coming loaded with the Mountain Lion.

The Mountain Lion

The latest desktop version of the Mac operating system will consist of a lot of improvements- mainly integration of features deep into the system. Applications like Twitter, iMessage and Game Center have been fully integrated with most of the applications. Facebook integration is not full yet- update for Facebook will come around fall this year.

Other Features

Some other notable additions to the operating system include Gatekeeper, notes, and reminder apps, AirPlay Mirroring app and the new Power Nap feature. Gatekeeper is a security tool that will regulate app installation and prevent the menace of malware. The Power Nap feature allows it to stay updated even while it is put to sleep. The upgrade is available for download from the App Store at $19.99 from today, and the size of the upgrade is about 4 GB.

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