No more Mixed Content Allowed for the Mozilla Firefox Aurora


Mozilla has recently taken steps to block the mixed content websites for browser Firefox 23 Aurora. This update was announced on this Friday for releasing a new tool that will block the unsecured or mixed content on the secured websites on your gadgets.

Firefox 23 Aurora

By default,  the pre-beta version of Firefox 23 Aurora browser will block the mixed content for the different Operating system- Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you are unaware of the term active content, then it is nothing but the websites having HTTPS that are loading the images, content from the standard HTTP sources. These HTTPS websites are the main cause of cyber attacks and eavesdropping. Mixed active content is highly interactive by changing itself according to the user interaction. They are highly deceptive.

More about Mixed Site Blocker

Now with the help of the blocker users will be able to do the settings for disabling the dangerous content loading on their browser. A shield will appear on the location bar’s left side that can be clicked for controlling the blocker. Moreover, users will also be getting 9 web developing tools. Some of the web developing tools are a remote style editor, a network monitor, an Options Panel, a Browser console, Web console support and many more.

It is expected that the Firefox 23 will be graduating to become a full fledged browser in about 12 weeks of time.


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