Now a Firefox Browser for Windows 8 Touch Beta


Firefox Browser for Windows 8 Touch BetaMozilla Firefox browser has finally arrived at the party of browsers that are devised for touch screens. Internet Explorer is there, and so is Google Chrome. However Firefox does have die hard users. It remains to be seen whether these users, who favored Firefox over traditional browsers, primarily Internet Explorer, would switch sides again.

The Big Deal

It is hard to pinpoint the point of disconnect between browsers and operating systems. People found the tiled way of navigating on smart phones with touch screens more convenient than the traditional way. Windows 8 Touch Beta offered them such features. However, browsers needed to be modified accordingly.


Like the other touch screen compatible browsers, Firefox browser would also facilitate features such as swiping, and pinching to zoom from men. Same browser can also be used in the traditional way, if the user prefers it that way.

Gadgets as well as software tools and applications that are needed to use the gadgets are changing rapidly. The lead time gives them an advantage over others. Firefox has undoubtedly lost that edge. However it is still good that it has a version compatible with Windows 8 and its touch screen version because going forward; software programs and applications would align themselves to these screens, at least till a more convenient option comes in the market.

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