Now Android Smartphones will run on Ubuntu Operating System


The biggest game changer of the current year is soon to be launched. Ubuntu, a touch friendly version uses the Linux operating system. The founder of Ubuntu enunciated that the priorities of 2013 are to put into use the operating system integrated with the cloud system. Firstly, the code will be available which can be installed on the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung after replacing the Android.

Ubuntu – tablet operating system

User friendly touch interface is the need of Ubuntu to get it on tablets. Getting it on hardware is easy and again needs some application support. It has to be apps written exclusively for supporting it on mobile phone gadgets or should leverage the Android application. The latter is a system opposed to the bespoke apps. When Android and Linux concur together, it can beat many others on the market, even can take a share of Apple iOS’ platform.

Wrap up

Even other players like BlackBerry are into researching about outing the hardware into the hands of the users. The same is the case in Ubuntu, making the users buy the hardware is the toughest part. So, still some question arises if actually the consumers will want to switch over to the features of computer for their smartphones.

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