Now Google Glass can be Controlled with your Brain


Google Glass MindRDR AppJust a week back Google has given Google Glass and money as awards to the nonprofits for using Google Glass in the social causes. Now the controversial device Google Glass is taking technology into the next generation with Mind Controlling capabilities. First it was touch screen that surprised the gadgets market. Now it is even bigger achievement.

Joining Hands with London Start Up

Google has joined hands with Design Studio “The Place,” a new business from London for developing novel software program that will allow people to control some of their actions such as taking pictures and sharing them on social networking sites, simply by thinking about it.

MindRDR App

The application is called MindRDR. It links Google Glass to a headset called Neurosky EEG (electroencephalography). Results so far have been extremely encouraging but both the products need to be fine tuned for better results. All that a person needs to do is to concentrate on the action, and the device would take up the task from there.

Such telekinetic technology would have plenty of applications in the medical field especially in the surgical procedures. It would also be useful for people who have disabilities. Google Glass can accept voice commands.

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