Now Office 2016 also Available for Mac Preview


MS Office 2016Microsoft has just launched the trial version of its Office 2016 for Mac. Since this is a trial version, it is a free product for those people who are using Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite. Tentatively, gadgets world expects the final version to be launched in the summer of 2015 but these rumors are yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Features of Office 2016 for Mac

Many of the Windows features are expected to be available in the product. In addition, Mac users would now be able to utilize Microsoft’s cloud storage facility. This means they can use SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business.  Mac users would also be able to use Word, Excel, and Outlook with their latest features. Many of the Excel shortcuts have been modified so that there is no difference between them on Mac and PC.

About Microsoft and Apple

It may be recalled that in 1997, Microsoft and Apple decided to collaborate instead of remaining as competitors. This has helped to bring in uniformity in applications, which makes it easier to introduce new products, instead of spending more resources to develop similar products for different environment. But Microsoft is in no hurry to replace everything on Mac.

This certainly is good news for Mac users, who may have felt like a fish out of water for some time, with Windows and Microsoft Office taking significant strides around them. In so far as gadgets world is concerned, there must be some sighs of relief considering that they only need to focus on new features rather than similar features.

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