Padlock that Opens with BlueTooth and NFC to Arrive this March


Quicklock PadlockA revolution in safety and security is expected in March 2015. It is being offered by SafeTech Products. It is a padlock alright, but USB-charged. That is what makes it unique. The padlock can be opened with keys that are NFC enabled. Alternately, it can be opened with and Android or iOS app called Quicklock. In fact, it is being identified as Quicklock Padlock because of the musical sound in this name.

History of Smart Padlocks

A lot of efforts were put in to develop smart padlocks. Research required funds and funding platform Kickstarter failed to reap the benefits of the keyless padlock project of Quicklock Padlock so far. This keyless padlock was the only one to support both Near Field Communications or NFC and BlueTooth for unlocking.

Launch of the Smart Padlocks

SafeTech Products is the company that developed Quicklock Padlock. It has now announced that the product would be available in the market from March this year. The company is also accepting pre-order. Basically, Quicklock is an app. It facilitates sharing of the access code. It also indicates who accessed such codes and unlocked the padlock at what time. For now, the product can be used for 50 such NFC codes.

The product is unique and revolutionary. Invariably it will take gadgets world by storm. At $79 it does seem reasonably priced too.  Its nearest competitor, Noke, which is funded by crowdfunding, may arrive about 6 to 8 weeks later. Till then, Quicklock Padlock would have captured a relatively large market.

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