Poke app Released from Facebook


Poke apps comes from Facebook as a holiday surprise. Poke has always been there in Facebook and it has been the function of sending digital wave. The new apps offer greetings that are more complex. The users can send text, photo, and quick video using the apps. Users can press and hold to see messages from friends. However, this can be done only before the message expires.

Real-time messages

The app is similar to that of snap chat, and real-time messages can be sent and they are available for only a short duration. More than 50 million messages come and go across snapchat in a day. This service has become popular since its launch, yet the service also has reputed that it allows users to send inappropriate messages, as they are only available for a short duration.

Downloading Poke

Many other apps like Instagram, Facebook photo and such things added to Facebook, Poke is a recent arrival that can be downloaded free only on the iPhone gadgets. Statistics says that people who use Facebook on mobile spend more hours than they use it on the PC or laptop. The reason being it a smashing hit is due to it belongs to Facebook apps.

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