Release Date of MS Windows Phone 8 Operating System Announced


Microsoft’s upgraded Operating System on the anvil, Windows 8 for smartphones will be soon available to the public. The formal announcement has created a stir amongst ardent followers waiting for the launch to benefit from the latest integrated OS. The software product of the new MS Windows 8 OS will be officially released on 26 October followed closely on the heels by the mobile phones Windows 8 OS on 29 October.

Mobile Market to Flood with New Windows 8 Gadgets

The broadcast has awakened the interests of smartphone fans who are eagerly waiting for the new phones housing the OS. The improved Windows system will be integrated only in latest releases, and so the bazaar is buzzing with mobile users looking forward to purchase the Nokia Lumia latest 820, 920 series, or HTC’s 8X and 8S gadgets.

Foraying in Style: Windows Phone 8 OS

The earlier mobile phones with Windows 7.5 version will not avail the new OS but are expected to upgrade till the Windows 7.8 edition, with not all but only a few features incorporated from the Windows 8 domain. The pronouncement declares the new release in the region of San Francisco, and release date in other countries like in UK is still not obtainable.

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