RIM Offers Bubble Bash 2 as Compensation for BlackBerry Outage


Most of you BlackBerry users would have suffered a massive outage last week. This sudden and unexpected outage had spanned over the better part of 3 continents; Europe, Middle East, Africa and even parts of Asia. This had turned out to be a major embarrassment for the company, which announced that a major technical problem in one of RIM’s data centers in Slough, near London, was what sparked off the entire episode.

RIM BlackBerry Suffers Massive Outage

RIM giving away free apps as compensation for outage

In order to make up to its customers, the company had first offered the DriveSafe.ly Pro app a few days back. Now, it is offering a second free loyalty app to its users. This one is the Bubble Bash 2, which retails for $4.99. BlackBerry users will be pleased to know that this particular app is now available for free download at the BlackBerry App World.

Even better news is that the company is expected to roll out a few more complimentary premium apps in the coming month or so. The free downloads will be available till the end of 2011.

Many BlackBerry users out there are bound to be jumping for joy at this news. There are more goodies to look forward too, and that adds to the fun. But I am just wondering about one thing. Would a company be able to hold on to its customers just on the basis of offering a few free apps?

Of course, RIM is already working round the clock in order to restore its services. But this has been a major problem and so, it will take its time to come back to normal.

Are you still experiencing trouble with your BlackBerry? Are things getting any better with you? Do tell us about your current experience with RIM.

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