RIM unveils BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for Enterprise Market Purposes


Blackberry devices are getting equipped with advance access tools after the RIM’s success in the business world. Moving in the same line, Blackberry Mobile Fusion has been announced for giving the enterprise administrators the new feature for accessing and managing BlackBerry devices by using a simple web interface.

Mobile Fusion can handle Android and iOS

Mobile Fusion is one of the smart gadgets, which can lead not only BlackBerry devices, but also iOS and Android. Apart from Android, Playbook, and iOS device, the tablets and smartphones that are running BlackBerry 7 and earlier will be managed by the interface. Moreover, administrator can easily change the profiles and configure devices using Mobile Fusion. If you have multiple devices, do not worry Mobile Fusion can handle those also without any issue.

More features

Without any trouble, Mobile Fusion can integrate with the Exchange Server of BlackBerry and thus enabling more features, such as, BlackBerry Balance support, 256-bit encryption, and OTA app install features for Playbook and BlackBerry, as well.

According to RIM, the software is available for free downloading and its cost would vary as per the devices being managed by it. For the preliminary use, RIM comes in a 60-day trial and after that, Client Access License can be obtained at $99 per user at the cost of $4/user/month.

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