Sailfish Operating System Launched by Jolla in Helsinki


Recently, during the Slush Event held in the city of Helsinki, Jolla introduces its latest cell phone gadgets’ OS named Sailfish. Company referred this new operating system as “Innovative in User Interface as well as Effortless to Operate”. They revealed their further plan to let the developers try and test its SDK.

Sailfish – an OS based on MeeGo

In fact, Sailfish is the consequence of the hard work of the former employees working in Nokia therefore it is quite inspired by Nokia’s MeeGO OS. MeeGO was the result of the joint venture of two tech giants – Nokia and Intel which was based on Linux OS and presented to face the challenges derived from iOS as well as Android in mobile industry.

MeeGo was used in some smartphones by Nokia like N9 but unfortunately it couldn’t be released. Suddenly, Nokia decided to go with Windows Phones and suspended the launch of MeeGo OS. However, Intel wasn’t enough satisfied with this move of Nokia.

Chip Support

Additionally as per Jolla resources, the Sailfish operating system will be support by the ST-Ericsson, a major mobile chip developer. ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor chip will be compatible with this latest OS from Jolla. However, company is planning to make this OS compatible with all the latest and popular chipsets running in the market.

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