Share your Viewing History with New Facebook Netflix app


Now Facebook users are given a new facility, and they can share what they had been viewing previously with the Netflix app on Facebook. The service of Video Streaming launched on Tuesday the first app on Facebook via which a user, which has a, linked Facebook and Netflix account can share the titles of all the gripping daily soaps and movies they are watching on their gadgets.

Netflix site

The Netflix site allows users to check the most highly rated sows, posted by friends and then watch them. They even have the option to comment and state what they watched. In fact if there is something that a user doesn’t want his friends to see, then he can opt for that also. One can also terminate the FB-Netflix link any moment one wants.

The story of Video Privacy Protection Act

It took almost a year for Netflix to change VPPA, an act via which one cannot disclose any data pertaining to the customer without a written consent. But now it has been modified and just made a law in January.

VPPA emerged with the Robert Bork controversy where his rental history was shared by a clerk at a video store and printed in the newspapers. Soon enough this privacy law was formulated.

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