Skype Released for Windows Phone


Microsoft has finally launched Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone 7.5 surprisingly this comes after Skype was acquired about a year back for about 8.5 million US dollars. One wonders why Microsoft spent such a large sum in the first place to integrate Skype to its operating system only now. In addition, after two months of beta testing, Skype has finally been revealed. Meanwhile, the language support for the VoIP service has been enhanced over.

Release Notes

A downside is that the Skype application will work only on devices that have 512 MB of RAM- gadgets like the yet unreleased Lumia 610, which has 256 MB of RAM. Thus, it would mean that Skype would work on Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Windows Phone users will now be able to use the VOIP video call service like their iOS and Android counterparts as Windows Phone Marketplace now features the popular video call service after the successful 2 months of beta testing.

Enhanced Language Support

The Windows Phone 7 apps debutant Skype version 1.0 will now support 18 different languages- Danish, French, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese- European and Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, traditional and simplified Chinese. So now, Skype will reach more people with support for 18 languages other than English.

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    That’s really Great News, For Windows Phone for users.

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