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There was a time when seamstresses used to handle all their clients’ clothing needs. They either worked with manual or electrical sewing machines to manufacture clothing. But that is mostly not the case today. In the present, thanks to a boom in fashion trends, clothing designs are digitally created, so as to make it a lot easier for designers to manufacture their exclusive lines. Clothing design software has now become the mantra for designers and manufacturers who need to finish mass production within a limited time frame. What is clothing design software and how does it work?

Clothing design software helps create clothing designs digitally. This software is most used by those working in the fashion industry or run their exclusive clothing business. This software can effectively be used by such people to plan their clothing line right from the production stages to the very last step, that is, manufacturing of the product. The software can be used by amateurs, professionals and even teachers wanting to educate their students on the finer aspects of designing.

Using clothing design software helps a great deal in giving accuracy to the design, streamlining the design process and also reducing the costs to that extent. This helps the manufacturer create finished products much quicker than usual. Further, this software may also be able to seamlessly integrate itself with other software, so as to give the user additional benefits. This is especially good for those who work in collaboration with other artisans and would like to work with different types of software.

Usually, fashion design software give users either 2D or 3D views and also lets them get a virtual idea of the design on models of different proportions. Many also let users virtually “see” the clothing draped on a model of a size that they specify. This allows them to express their vision to the best extent possible.

Now, working with clothing design software has become a must in most fashion schools. This is done even for basic designing courses, so as to give even beginners an edge over the others.

Benefits of using fashion design software

  • Probably the biggest benefit is that this software requires no prior skill of drawing or sewing, though that knowledge is of course a big plus. Clothing design software mostly come with their own templates, that the user can easily learn to work with and master. Hence, those wanting to start their own clothing line can do so very easily, with clothing design software.
  • Design software, like all other software, makes the going easy for a designer. Besides, the finished sketches are absolutely perfect and accurate, thereby enabling the designer to save them for their portfolios and brochures.
  • Giving the user a virtual view of the design helps them get a better idea of the future finished product, letting them better it by playing with colors, shades and textures.
  • All commands can be easily undone or redone as per the designer’s wish. So it eliminates a huge waste of time, effort and money. That is a big benefit of clothing design software.
  • Knowledge of working with fashion design software gives one better job opportunities, as more and more companies are looking for CAD-qualified people to work for them.

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Drawbacks of fashion design software

  • Though there is an amazing variety of fashion design software available online, both paid and free, the problem is that most of these files are huge, making it very difficult to download them online.
  • Some software may be incompatible with your PC’s operating system, so you will have to be careful in choosing your software.
  • Sometimes, virtual models do not work effectively. For example, the designer may find it difficult to “resize” or “expand” his/her model if he/she would like to design maternity clothes instead of normal ones.
  • Many users also report of customer support issues. Also, not many companies refund the money in case the software does not work properly.


Provided that you have chosen right, your clothing design software can be of great use to you, saving you much time and effort. Scroll below to view a demonstration of fashion design software.

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