The Jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPad has made its way to the market


It was just last week that the latest iPhone from Apple running on the iOS 6.1 update was launched, and this week the jailbreak tool has made its way to market. It will be available today at @planetbeing. The latest iOS 6.1 offers ample support to iPad’s 128GB model with a feature that can reset the unique advertiser identifier of the device.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is a process where the internal security of a device is broken so that more external apps may be run on them. As we all know that the security platform that Apple has created is full-proof and hostile to any other application other than those from the apple store. But after breaking the security fence, application running from other stores, like Cydia, as well as access to the Apple features will be possible.

But then why jailbreaking made legal?

Jailbreaking is made legal Vide the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because often with the intervention of third party applications like Cydia, the performance of the smartphone can be improved.

But jailbreaking makes your gadget susceptible to threats of malware and spyware! Very true but it is seen that the vulnerabilities are faster fixed than Apple with third party intervention.

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