The SkyDrive and Xbox 360 Combo


Microsoft launches the SkyDrive apps for the Xbox 360 today. This makes the cloud storage service complete. With this app, the users of Xbox 360 gadget can watch all the SkyDrive based photos, even which are taken with the Windows 8 mobile, and all the other files and videos stores in the internet.

What is special about the combo?

The App group Manager Mike Torres says that the combination brings more value to the users. He says in his post on the Inside SkyDrive blog that favorite content of users can be now watched just with a click now. It has no restriction whether the users use the system, phone, or even TV. He has added about the voice control, which makes the Apps so cool.

What can you do with the SkyDrive Apps in Xbox 360?

The SkyDrive Apps for Xbox 360 is focused on storing the photos and videos, but the user can also store all sorts of files. All the photos taken in a Windows mobile is uploaded automatically in SkyDrive. This makes it easier to do modifications to the pictures and even run them on a TV in a few minutes. With voice controls, the users can also play the slideshow of the photos.

The apps are currently available in the dashboard of Xbox 360.

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