Top Photo Editing Programs For The Macbook Pro


The MacBook Pro is part of the line of Macintosh portable computers, which were introduced in early 2006 by Apple Inc. A high-end version of the MacBook family, the MacBook Pro is currently available in 13”, 15” and 17” sizes. Very versatile in nature, this portable device lets you play around with many of its features, especially photo editing. In this post, we bring you top photo editing programs for the Macbook Pro.

  • Apple iPhoto ‘11

The new and improved version of Apple iPhoto ’11 lets you do many more things with your photos on the Macbook Pro. Apple has given this photo editing program many enhancements such as slideshow templates, full-screen mode and easy online sharing. This program also offers you a new letterpress-card facility to jazz up your invitation and greeting cards.

Further, iPhoto lets you browse albums, events, places, people and projects, all from one place. Navigation is also very easy, which is a big plus. Sharing photos via email is a breeze with the iPhoto ’11. You can send photos directly and do not need to export photos through an email client. This makes it all very convenient.

There is also integration with Facebook, so iPhoto can automatically download or upload photos and albums to your Facebook account.

  • Apple Aperture 3

This photo editing program for the Macbook Pro works well with iPhoto integration. It can inherit Faces and Places from iPhoto. It can also drop un-tagged photos from your photos and use waypoints for use in your GPS devices. The best part about this program is the Brushes feature, which you can use to paint or highlight certain parts of your picture and not the whole photo itself.

The Brushes feature comes in a variety of modes, which helps you play around a lot with your pictures. All edits can be reconstructed, and so you need not fear permanent loss of data at any time. The only problem here is that you cannot paint on exposure adjustments.

Macbook Pro

Free photo editing programs for the Macbook Pro

  • Seashore

Seashore is actually an open source photo editor for Cocoa. Employing the native file format used by GIMP, this was originally developed for the Mac OS X.

This photo editing program gives you features such as textures, gradients, anti-aliasing and so on. Many of these features can be used for both text and brush strokes. Playing around with it for a while will let you learn more in detail about it.

Seashore also lets you work with multiple layers and alpha channel photo editing. The only problem with this software right now is that is it still in development and hence, is bound to be rather slow.

  • GraphicConverter X

This photo editing program offers you multi-purpose graphic tools, which can be employed for browsing, viewing and editing your pictures. Additionally, you can also convert image formats that cannot be processed using common image editing programs.

This program is definitely worth more than a look, though you will have to spend enough time on it to understand the nitty-gritty’s of this software.

The GraphicConverter X is not free, but you can use the shareware version, which comes without the batch processing features.

There are many free and paid photo editing programs for the Macbook Pro. You need to looks at the pros and cons of each one of them before making your final choice.


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