Transfer Media Files from Lumia Windows 8 Phone with Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac App


For customers who have bought Nokia Lumia device and are eager to find a way for transferring photos to their operating system will now find a Windows Phone app easing their task of photo transfer. One app called Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac would come handy to the Lumia users enabling them, to import the photos from the different media types.

About the App

You can now have an easy access to Nokia Pro Camera or Nokia Smart Camera photo  and video products with this 10 MB large app. Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac is a free app and currently available in English version for downloading on your device. Users just need to connect the Lumia Windows 8 based phone with Mac Operating System computer for transferring the photos between the two gadgets.

Key Features of the App

Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac app can not only transfer normal videos and photos but special formats of videos and photos also that are captured using Nokia Smart Camera, Nokia Pro Camera and Cinemagraph and SmartShoot. The file formats it is supporting are .jpg, .nar, .npo, .mp4 and it will work on the Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

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