Updated Mozilla Firefox for Android and PC


The recent release of Mozilla Firefox 16 Beta is met with approval from the Android users. It is a surprise package as the earlier version of Firefox was released not very long ago and the quick upgrade is a welcome gift. There are not many talk-able changes for the Windows, Mac and Linux systems as the target this time was mainly the Android and desktop clients.

The Firefox Effect on Android

The major Firefox Beta feature applicable on android oriented gadgets is the Reader Mode aspect. The users can go online, read, and view website articles or news in a not-so-difficult manner, utilizing this functionality. Easy access to blogs and any other piece of writing is made possible just by tapping on the Reader icon in the awesome bar.

The good news is that there will be no ad pop-ups or any other publicity elements in this approach, which will distract readers. In this activated mode, the reformatted pictures appear clearly with a larger font size. Use the Share option on this mode screen to distribute the content to Bluetooth, SMS, email and other forms of communication.

Making it Work for Developers

The new Firefox 16 Beta unique Developer toolbar for Windows, Mac, and Linux aspect allows easy quick control functionality. This version also removes the necessity to add prefixes for CSS3 features including two Mozilla’s very own web APIs. The new Firefox release is a boon for Android and other PC users alike.

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