Vine Update Introduces Private Messaging


Vine messagingVine, the video sharing network of Twitter, has made it possible for the users to send private messages, and direct video messaging between members. After the business rival Instagram announcing the private messaging, this update is seen from Twitter 6 months later.

How to Send Vine Messages

It is easy to send the vine messages. Select the new Messages in the navigation menu. Then compose the test message or record a video message. Simply send it anyone in your address book. The messages can be sent to one or many users, but is not a public chat forum.

The Pros of Vine Messages

Vine messaging aids the users to send text and video messages to anyone from the gadgets, though the other does not use vine. A message can be sent to multiple users simultaneously, and they can reply with any of the options available to them. This update includes color customization of the profile and the same can be viewed by other vine users.

If you are interested in getting hands on experience on sending Vine messages then, they can do it easily by downloading the latest Vine Version from the corresponding app stores. And then enjoy the private messaging feature of Vine.

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