Voice Call Feature Added to Facebook


Facebook Messenger users can now make access to the voice call option, which is available free of charges. This feature is available in iOS apps.

How to make use of this?

To make free voice calls, the Messenger users need to make conversation enabled to other iPhone users. This has to be done by tapping the button “I”. This is available in the top right corner. Then the user needs to click the “Free Call” option. The recipient, which is the iPhone user, is notified with the pop message giving out the name of the Messenger user who makes the call. If the functionality is not configured completely, this feature cannot be availed.

Facebook and Skype

Facebook and Skype are in partnership for more than 2 years. This began when Facebook integrated Skype for video calls. Video calls on gadgets like mobile phones were not available by this integration, and this is why which Facebook has come up with the free call option for iPhone user. This application can be got over Apple app store for free. So, users can avail the call service for saving time.

However, Facebook has hinted about this feature earlier while rolling out updates for android messenger and iOS apps.

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