WebOS is now Open Source from September


WebOS will be open source to be included in tablets and such gadgets. It will also be accessible to hackers by September.

About WebOS

WebOS is a platform that HP has acquired for $1.2 billion in 2010, along with Palm. HP desires to make tablets and smartphones based on this WebOS. This is certainly a strategy to be the next Apple in the market that will capture the hardware and software market. But competing Apple is not easy; in fact, HP had to shelf its plans of WebOS in the hardware last fall. Since it was not a success, HP has made it available as the open source software.

Lot of improvement needed

There has to be a lot of improvement technical wise in the WebOS before September. To begin with HP aims are removing WebOS to the Linux kernel. This will surely make the loading of WebOS into other devices far easier due to the availability of more number of drives. A new version of the application framework is also being initiated that is called Enyo that will enable WebOS to run on other platforms web browsers. For example, WebOS will run on Chrome, Internet Explorer separately from tablets and such gadgets.

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