Windows 8.1 Revealed by Microsoft with New Tweaks and Features


Windows 8.1 finally makes its appearance and is available for booting your desktop; disable the hot corners and much more. After much speculation, the latest Windows 8.1 operating system has been launched officially in an even created in San Francisco, California. The details of the features have been divulged and here are some of them:


Now it will not be necessary to boot to metro as you will now be able to do the booting in your desktop gadget on your own. Apart from this you will be able to disable hot corners that have bothered you so long! Apart from this there will be native drives for fingerprint readers, 3D printers and Miracast applications.

Apps and Aesthetics

Regarding the apps you will get four apps working simultaneously with the Windows 8.1 OS. This is almost twice the number that you could do with the last version of the Windows 8 from last year. Regarding the aesthetics, this OS has been added with more colors and shades and you may also get a Sony PSP page as you scroll down.

The OS will be using Bing for search Integration and will ensure even better levels of security software.

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