Windows 8.1 Update will Be Released in Mid-October


Microsoft will release its Windows 8.1 in the mid October. On Oct. 18, Windows 8 first major update will be released at 12 a.m. local time in New Zealand. As per the different time zones it will be Oct. 17 4 a.m. in Redmond and in the East Coast it would be 7 a.m.

What Microsoft’s Blog Post Says?

In a blog post, Microsoft has declared that worldwide free update of Windows 8.1 will be available through the Windows Store. At retail Windows 8.1, will be available on 18 October for the new gadgets. After the release of Windows 8, it is nearly about 1 year when Microsoft is releasing its first update Windows 8.1. The plans were outlined quite a few months ago, but Microsoft has set the release date on Wednesday.

New Devices Pre-loaded with Windows 8.1

Microsoft has also informed that computer buyers do not need to wait till the month of October for picking up the new machine. As manufacturers will be getting the preview version of Windows 8.1 by late August to load on the new devices so, if you are planning to buy a new PC based on Windows OS, then you can go ahead as your device will get the improvements and new features of Windows 8.1 in October.

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